Plottera Fleet

The Next Generation 

Fleet Management System

Stay on top of everything and be the master of your fleet with PLOTTERA’s intuitive, and robust Fleet Management System. Be up and running before you know it.


Big Enterprise, Small Cost

PLOTTERA Fleet™ supports enterprises in managing fleet by improving drivers accountability through intelligent policies that watch over the fleet continuously without fail, oversight on operational and logistical costs, improved customer satisfaction and avoid costly incidents.

PLOTTERA Fleet Features

Monitor your operation like no other

PLOTTERA provides fleet managers with an easy-to-use vehicle tracking dashboard.

Vehicle status is updated in real-time, together with their movement status in unique icons, complete with the image of the vehicle with the plate numbers.

LIVE Update

Violation Summary


Google Street View

Route replay with driving behaviour scoring

Utilising the powerful Wisetrace™ algorithm, PLOTTERA provides you with a detailed driving behavior scoring of your drivers. This allows you to quickly identify risky drivers; reward good drivers.

PLOTTERA with Wisetrace enables your fleet to drastically reduce risk of accident and improve fleet operations through tangible cost saving.

 Driving Behaviour
Trip Score
Start and Stop Logs

More Features

Plenty of useful features to be discovered

Service & Maintenance Dashboard

Aids forecast of operating expenditure by anticipating fleet service & maintenance dues.

– Service book and Automated Maintenance
– Automated Scheduling
– Upcoming and Overdue Alert

Intuitive Fleet Dashboard

Friendly user interface platform allows for convenient and hassle free monitoring.

– Live Fleet Status
– Fleet Summary
– Driver List
– Detailed Printable Reports

Security Surveillance

Real-time vehicle position tracking offers improved security of high-value freight.

Instant Notification

Be informed of every incident that is occurring across your fleet as it happens.

Moderate Vehicle Usage Policy

Ensure drivers adhere to company policy and guidelines on usage of company vehicle. Policies included are speed limit, area, movement lockdown, checkpoint, refuel and siphoning.

Detailed Violation Reports

Pin point detailed exact incident of traffic violation down to the location, duration of violation, maximum speed of violation, distance of violation and more

Tailor Our Service To Suit Your Operating Needs

Fuel Monitoring System

Reduce leakage of fuel

– Daily & Monthly Summary
– Manage Fuel Efficiency
– Automated Alert on Refuels & Siphonin

Temperature Monitoring System

Detailed temperature graph

– Automated Alert
– Maintain freshness of perishable goods
– Sortable by Current Temperature & Vehicle

Driver Identification System

Monitor driving behaviour of drivers

– Performance & Behaviour Profiling
– Searchable by Driver & Vehicle

Remote Engine Shutdown

Vehicle Immobiliser

– Share Vehicle Location
– Disable Engine Cranking
– Notify Emergency Services


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