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Real-time information

Plottera allows you to receive reports on the status of vehicle fleet, the fuel level, the roadworks status and the weather conditions in real-time.

Monitoring of real expenditure

The accounting costs for the fuel and maintenance of vehicles makes it possible to accurately plan and analyse the real costs.

Improving the efficiency

Plottera conducts ongoing monitoring of vehicles, fixing all arising problems. Such monitoring makes possible the timely response, what greatly improves the efficiency of the vehicle fleet.

Simplicity of the system in use

Plottera is available online 24/7. The system has a user-friendly interface, provides intuitive navigation and has the ability to connect to any device.

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Plottera is a cloud-based software platform for GPS tracking and Fleet management. Its capabilities cover commercial and personal tracking markets

The service includes everything you need to improve the efficiency of the vehicle fleet:

  • the platform for the satellite transport monitoring
  • the analysis, control and planning systems of transport works
  • tools for the vehicle fleet management

Plottera allows to draw up an estimate of forthcoming roadworks using analytical algorithm and information regarding the status of the vehicle fleet.

The system that will surprise you with the flexibility of its settings

These reports modules can be easily integrated with other systems, more familiar to you (personal or corporate). You also may correct settings of any module according to your needs.

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Should you need any help we are Here to assist you!

The knowledgeable staff from the customer service department efficiently will resolve the current operating problems and quickly will answer the questions regarding different aspects of working with the system Plottera.

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Active Control Feature

Plottera regularly renews details regarding the status of the vehicle fleet, what allows to monitor the efficiency of using vehicles tranport in real-time.

Analytics Feature

Plottera provides detailed information regarding the status of the vehicle fleet and the efficiency of its usage. The Analytics feature allows you to track the real costs of the road transport.

Zoning Feature

Plottera records the work of the road transport in specific operating areas. The data obtained are used for further planning of the more efficient usage of the vehicle fleet.

Monitoring Feature

Plottera is able to take pictures with the camera installed in the car, as well as receive the data from the CAN-bus system that allows you to monitor the use of the road transport in the real time.

EcoDrive Feature

Plottera detects inefficient driving style like: sharp acceleration, braking events, hitting the bumps in the road.

Reports Feature

Plottera automatically generates weekly and monthly reports regarding the status of the vehicle fleet, summarizing the information about each piece of equipment, fuel, repairs and the vehicle fleet in general.

Customer support 24/7

We invite for the cooperation everyone who wish to improve the efficiency of the supervised vehicle fleet and vehicles safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the services of Plottera?

There are no borders for the Plottera, that allows to use services of the Plottera worldwide.

What software do I need to install the system?

Plottera is the remote Internet service that does not require installation of an additional software. The service is available and ready to use immediately after the registration.

How to use the system?

Our experts are always available online and will gladly assist you at any stage of your basic training for the system users in solving specific working issues.

How to purchase the access to the Plottera system?

To obtain and pay for the access to the system, you need to fill out a form which is situated on the right side.

Thank you for being interested in our service. We hope for a long-term and pleasant cooperation!


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